Sun Safety

Welcome to the Sun Safety Website of the Public Health Department. This website provides information and advice on several aspects of sun safety.


Sun damage does not happen only when you are at the beach. It can happen even when you go for a walk, sit outdoors and have a drink, wait in a queue or in the car. UV rays can penetrate deep into the skin and damage your skin even when the sun does not feel hot.

Skin Cancer Screening Day April 22nd 2017

The dangers of contracting skin cancer were once again highlighted during the skin cancer screening day at the Primary Care Centre.

The event, now in its fourth year, provided a unique opportunity for the public to have any notable skin changes checked out by the Dermatology team.  Dr Bird and Dr Brown, consultant dermatologists, were flown in especially for the event, providing confirmation of diagnostics made on the day.

Skin Cancer Screening Day April 16th 2016

skin_cancer_20160416The skin cancer screening day, successfully run for its third year, marked the launch of the annual Sun Awareness campaign. It aimed at raising public awareness on the dangers of overexposure to the sun, and methods of protection that should be taken to prevent this damage. The dermatology department provided clinics to review moles and skin changes which could indicate skin cancer, with 2 consultant dermatologists available on the day to provide further assessment.

Skin Cancer Screening Day April 16th 2015

11059936_789178761202807_2546521984683945615_nThe Skin Cancer Screening Day is part of a yearly drive by the dermatology and health promotion departments. Information on the dangers of over exposure to the sun, and a clinic offering mole checks/ potentially cancerous skin changes, was available on the day. Wendy Clouter, a member of the Unite Health and Safety Group, was also present driving the campaign for sun awareness.